• HoaBinh Greeen City
    HoaBinh Greeen City

    HoaBinh Greeen City is a complex residential project that located at South-East Hanoi. 

    The project has two 27-floors buildings with 22 floors for apartments, 4 floors for commercial purpose and 1 floor for residential utilities.

    HopPhat is a main HVAC contractor in this project, from 2014-2015.

  • Mandarin Garden
    Mandarin Garden

    Mandarin Garden is a luxury apartment project. Located at Tran Duy Hung Street - Hanoi, it has 4 buildings with 25-29 floors.

    Hop Phat is a contractor for HVAC in this project.

  • FPT University
    FPT University

    In Hanoi, FPT University is located in the center of the Hoa Lac campus, the newly built dormitories are close to lecture halls, library, canteen, and sports area. Classrooms are equipped with modern facilities such as air-conditioners, overhead projectors, free wifi...

    Hop Phat was selected to be a HVAC contractor for FPT University at Hoa Lac campus.

  • Vinhome Riverside
    Vinhome Riverside

    Vinhomes Riverside Ecological Urban Area is located at the Northeastern gateway to Hanoi less than 6.5 km from Hoan Kiem Lake.

    Hop Phat has performed for clients here for their air-conditioner rquirements.

  • Goden Gate Group
    Goden Gate Group

    Goden Gate Group own many well-known brand names for restaurant and beer club.

    Hop Phat is selected a contractor for HVAC at many restaurants and beer clubs from Goden Gate Group.

  • VDB Nha Trang Hotel
    VDB Nha Trang Hotel

    VDB Nha Trang is a four-star modern beachfront hotel nestled in a tranquil corner of Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa. With 150 spacious rooms overlooking the sparkling waters or hills of a stunning bay, the Hotel offer the perfect blend of local charm and seamless personalized service.

    Hop Phat proud to be selected a HVAC contractor for VDB Nha Trang Hotel.

 Hop Phat was selected to be a main contractor for air-conditioner in this complex building.

This apartment in R3 - Royal City has 3 units of  VRV-3S  (2 way, Inverter). Capacity for each unit is  52.900 BTU (condenser model: RXYMQ6PVE) connect with the ceiling-mounted duct type low static pressure unit capacity from 9000 BTU to 31.800 BTU (FXDQ25PBVE, FXDQ32PBVE, FXDQ50NBVE, FXDQ63NBVE, FXMQ80PVE,...)

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Daikin air-conditioners Multi model is very popular with the high class Residence projects like Golden Place, Mandarin Garden, Mulberry Lane,....