• Daikin Chillers
    Daikin Chillers

    Daikin air cooled chillers provide high quality, operation efficiency, and energy saving. Various applications are possible including air conditioning applications, industry-type process cooling, and large-scale district heat source systems.

  • Toshiba Daiseikai
    Toshiba Daiseikai

    Toshiba Daiseikai provides the highest energy savings and unmatched IAQ with Ag + Plasma Purifier air filtration, which is effective in capturing particles as small as 0.001 microns in size. This would include smoke, dust, and other airborne impurities.

    The new modern design integrates perfectly with any interior. With its DC Hybrid Inverter technology and twin rotary compressor this latest Daiseikai unit is extremely energy efficient with the lowest energy   consumption of 5.1 EER in cooling (size 10)

  • RC Group
    RC Group

    Since 1963, RC Group supplies reliable and innovative solutions and it is today considered the market leading company in precision air conditioning and refrigeration with high-tech content.

As a partner for DencoHappel in Vietnam, HopPhat offer full range of DencoHappel's Close Control products. Among these products, Multi-Denco is the most advanced and suitable for Vietnamese market.

MULTI-DENCO - The flexible all-rounder for climate control

Multi-DENCO is out most flexible product from the DENCO range.  Whilst predominantly designed to address the needs of a data center, it is not limited to being used in workshops, computer rooms, telecom rooms, laboratories, libraries and even archives and museums. Its key is its superior ability to control both the temperature and humidity enabling you to have confidence that your operations are in the ideal climate.

There are three versions of the Multi-DENCO design available:

  • A-Version - Using R410A refrigerant and with the inverter compressors in the indoor unit.  This version can deliver the best EER values.
  • C-Version - Using chilled water to provide cool air; standard and high performance coils are available, alongside a large variety of valves and actuators.
  • X-Version - When a reduction in noise or refrigerant is required, the compressors can be located in the outdoor unit, but still provide all the features of an A-Version unit.

All the above versions can be designed with in-built redundancy by using a CombiCool coil.

Multi-DENCO units can provide up to 150 kW of cooling within 7 different casing sizes, which can also be in upflow or downflow air configuration. All units are below 2m high and the footprint dimensions range from 60 x 60 to 88 x 338 cm.

Multi-DENCO realises the potential from technological improvements to deliver exceptional performance; inverter compressors and EC fans for accurate control with minimum consumption, advanced C5-12 controls to allow for smart functionality such as running redundancy, interface integration and sensor averaging, along with the ability to record up to 28 days of events and alarm histories. Multi-DENCO also has various options and features available such as automatic pressurised system (APS), pressure independent control valves (PICV), energy monitoring, airflow monitoring and power redundancy options too. All the above allows Multi-DENCO to be the climate control solution you need.